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boondoklife reviews A Boy and His Blob (WII)

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boondoklife said...

Wow, just wow. I remember playing this game as a child and absolutely loved it. While the remake did depart in a couple of small ways I would have to give this game an "A". While I would have appreciated support for the classic controller, the controls were not too hard to wrap my head around and did become intuitive as time passed.

The graphics were a breath of fresh 2D air, I personally don't get games just for the graphical detail but the process and attention to detail these people put into it is great.

One last note, the side challenge missions were not too hard but I am stumped as to why that little orb turns off the lights, is there a point to that?

Game Traits applied to A Boy and His Blob (WII) by boondoklife

  • The Setting:
    Animated World
  • Playing As:
    A boy
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    environmental puzzles
  • General Tone:
    Classic and Nostalgic
A Boy and His Blob

A Boy and His Blob (WII)

Genre/Style: Action/Side-Scrolling Platform
Release Date: 13/OCT/09
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